Friday, June 2, 2006

Sock saga

I've been kind of improvising a sock during the last two weeks, using one of the balls of Regia that I bought at the WEBS tent sale. It started as a knit 2 purl 1 rib, but the effect was so oppressively stripey that it eventually became an 11-stitch chevron pattern. I discovered later that has a pattern that is pretty much identical, but theirs starts from the toe and I began from the leg.

This evening marked a great milestone in sock creation: the turning of the heel.

As I started the heel, I could think of only two things: 1) I needed an even number of stitches, and 2) for some unknown reason, I wanted a multiple of 3. Unfortunately, neither thought occurred to me until I had nearly finished the first row, so instead of pausing to consider the effects I simply slipped a few extra stitches onto that needle and continued on my merry way.

Note that in the above photo, there is not only a reinforced heel but also the short-row bit that comes after. I was ready to pick up stitches down the side when I noticed something odd:

Side #1--heel overlaps the yarnover bit.

Side #2--heel does not overlap yarnover bit.

Yes, those stitches I had so casually included in the heel had completely thrown off its symmetry.

Upcoming trips to the frog pond: 1
Tina Shawls snickering nearby: 1


Theresa said...

I love the concept of "opressively stripey." You should do something with it. What, I do not know.

silverarrowknits said...

Oh my! Asymmetrical socks don't work too well. I am glad we had all that knitting time in Boston to correct the troublesome heel!