Monday, January 22, 2007

More Maui

Yup, the trip is still on my mind...especially now that it's started snowing.

We snorkeled in Molokini crater on New Year's Day. It was my first attempt at snorkeling ever (because I was too busy running around thinking "la de da de da I'm in Maui" and playing tourist to practice snorkeling in shallow water first), and the sensation was really odd. Of course, that could have been because of the stomach bug that whomped me later that day.

We did manage to get some shots of waves from a fish's point of view.

We also saw several spiny black urchins, tons of fish, and coral galore.

The next day we drove part of the way to Hana. I think Hana was supposed to be our goal, but I wasn't feeling too well so we only made it to the 10-mile mark. Still, there was plenty to see, like the waves on the north coast (I think this was Hookipa beach...dude, that is one serious ocean out there):

And random foliage:

And some of the 600 or so hairpin turns on the Hana Highway:

Next up: Haleakala during the day.


Debby said...

What amazing photos you took! That ocean is just breathtaking.

Rachel said...

What a trip! I did some snorkeling in Grand Cayman but realized after renting the equipment that without my glasses on, I wasn't going to be able to see a thing even with the mask. So I basically saw blurry underwater stuff, some of it very colorful. I hope your experience was more vivid than that.