Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Investing in my future, sort of

I heard from Rachel the week before last that A Stitch Above was closing at the end of the month. My first thought was "AAAAAIGH! Why?!? It was within walking distance! What will I do???" This was followed in quick succession by "I wonder what the sale will be like," "Now I feel like a vulture," "Get over it," and "Oh shoot it's Saturday I'm going out of town on Monday and I won't be able to go to the store until the NEXT weekend."

I went on Saturday anyway, since one never knows what one will find at a yarn shop closing sale even if it has already been running for a few days. Things weren't as dire as I had feared because the sale didn't actually start until the Thursday before I showed up. As expected, about half of the yarn was gone (the few remaining skeins of Cascade 220, in a nice but not mindgrabbing shade of green, vanished while I was in the store), but I managed to find some...um..."investments". What do you think the chances are that any of these will appreciate like an out-of-print Alice Starmore book?

Sort of clockwise, starting at the back: Jane Sowerby's Victorian Lace Today, Charlene Schurch's Mostly Mittens, Schaeffer Andrea yarn in what I think is the Renata Tebaldi* colourway but I'm not sure because the label had disappeared by the time I found it, and various colours of Jamieson Shetland yarn in both DK and Spindrift. Underneath all the yarn are two circular needles and the Chesapeake Collection pattern book from Yarns International.

*My former voice teacher would be pleased...she's a huge fan of Renata Tebaldi!


Theresa said...

We all would have vultured with you, if we could!

Kristen said...

I still haven't decided if I will be vulturing there this weekend. Drat, out of Cascade 220 already?!

knitseashore said...

Looks like you found some terrific investments!! The VLT book is wonderful, though I don't know I'll knit anything from it for a little while at least. And I have a feeling we're going to see some mittens on your blog soon! :)

Rachel said...

It is only responsible to plan ahead and invest in the future. Good for you for being so conscientious! Looks like you got good stuff, too.