Thursday, May 10, 2007

Life's equations

1a) Small person + worsted-weight yarn + surprise + relatives who read this = fast but not really bloggable knitting. I will try anyway.

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1b) Old camera that is not so good on the close-ups + attempted close-up shot = blur-o-rama.

Yarn = Manos Cotton Stria. It’s too bad I didn’t sign up for Project Spectrum, because the colours would have fit in perfectly!

2a) Drunk neighbours singing Bohemian Rhapsody across the parking lot on a warm night = slightly annoyed husband + closed window

2b) 2a + me singing along = irate husband

Not an equation, just an unrelated thought.
I went to a wedding last weekend and, as usual, brought the digital camera. I felt odd though about using it to take candid shots. It's true that I didn't have to worry about wasting film, since I could just delete the bad photos, but I spent so much time staring into the viewfinder that I ended up missing a lot of what was happening in real life. It made me feel really disconnected. Has anyone else ever noticed this feeling?


Devorah said...

This is why I've stopped videotaping my kids performances. I'd rather watch them live.

Theresa said...

That camera feeling is the reason I never really took photos until I got my digital camera. And even now, I tend to take a lot of posed shots. I'd rather live candidly than take the photos.

Debby said...

When I try to take photo or video of Chris' bike races, I never know until after the fact how he finished. One time I didn't even know he won!

Rachel said...

Imagining 2b really cracks me up.

I can sort of see what you mean about spending an experience looking through a viewfinder, but sometimes I find that actually makes me focus on details of the day or the event. I find I'm must more alert and actually taking more in. Or at least I've tricked myself into believing that.