Thursday, July 5, 2007

Une semaine (and a day)

In one week, a truck containing most of our belongings will lumber out West. One day after that, we'll pack the rest of our belongings and two hysterical cats into a rental car and head out West ourselves.

We'll be making a few stops to visit friends and relatives (not as many stops and not as many visits as we would like, thanks to the afore mentioned cats). If I'm lucky, we might even make it into Chicago in time for The Panopticon's 1000 Knitters project.

The packing is going...well, it's going. I just want to know how all that stuff got into our apartment without me noticing, and whether it really has to come with us.

The tabby frolics and looks as disgustingly happy as he can.

The cow-cat chills in a box under a table, swipes angrily at us, and yowls with hunger. (edit: fortunately not at the same time...usually)

I can't really blame him right now. The poor critter is getting his teeth cleaned under general anesthesia tomorrow (have I mentioned that he gets angry at the vet?), so he's on an overnight fast.

Thanks to the mayhem, I still haven't made two very important decisions:
1) What am I going to knit on the trip?
2) Qu'est-ce que je vais faire pour le KAL Tour de France?

The trip options are pretty broad...I have a bunch of UFOs, some gift knitting, socks, and Mystery Stole 3 (by the way, I hear sign-ups end tomorrow). For the Tour de France knitting, I'm torn between using up my three remaining balls of green Rowan Linen Drape on Argosy, making washcloths from some Euroflax I picked up earlier this week at the Yarns at Lace Wings sale in Pawtucket, and knitting socks. I'm leaning toward Argosy, since the name seems appropriate for a cross-country voyage.

Le vache-chat dit encore, "Miaou...j'ai faim...MIAOUUUUUUU." Le petit pauvre!


Rachel said...

Poor kitties! They don't know that the worst is yet to come. :(

Are you finished with your job yet? Or all you still doing all this packing after work? And how cool would it be if you were in the 1000 knitters project?

knitseashore said...

I'm so glad I have someone else to go through this with!! Though I know your journey is going to be harder and longer. We move (from the rumors I've been told) a week from yesterday. And the stripey cat goes on Monday for a weight check and hopefully prescription for anxiety meds. Next weekend, all four cats are going to be yowling, aren't they?? We shall knit on, right?! :)

cindy said...

Love your tabby shot!!! Tough choice as to what to knit.....there are just too many wonderful choices.

Hope you make the 1000 knitters project. We are making a mark lately.

Theresa said...

Yes, we will think you're a dork for wanting to knit Argosy on a cross-country trip. But I would, too. And it seems like a great car project.