Tuesday, September 25, 2007


The mailbox was productive yesterday.


This is 4.1 oz of hand-dyed superwash merino roving that I bought last week from copperpot's store on Etsy. I'm hoping I can squeeze out enough yarn for two socks (??) before the cow-cat tries to eat it.

Knitting knitting knitting

The (knitting part of the) Mystery Stole is done! Now I need to find a blocking surface.


Rachel said...

Does your cat really try to eat it? It looks so unappetizing as food. (I'm not saying it's not beautiful, I'm just saying it probably wouldn't go down the gullet nicely.)

Love the colors. It will definitely make beautiful socks.

Debby said...

Congratulations on finishing the mystery stole. The colors in the roving are a lovely inspiration (also the fear of the cow cat getting into it...).

Your staining work looked pretty good on my monitor!