Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's not on my friends list

I received an unpleasant surprise as I was sorting through my stash last night. At the bottom of one container, INSIDE a ziploc bag, there was a caterpillar-y thing moseying its merry way around a ball of mercerized cotton yarn. I cussed it out and threw it in the freezer to buy some time to identify it. I was afraid it might be a clothes moth (but in cotton?), but after doing some web-searching I think it's a carpet beetle larva; apparently clothes moth caterpillars are cream-coloured, whereas reddish-brown with tufts on one end. Still, this is not is after all a creature that could eat my yarn. I mean, how did it get in there? And why have I not seen any others in the container? Are its friends hiding in my stash of red-brown yarn?

It's time to get the yarn containers off the carpet. And to quarantine the yarn in that container. With mothballs or something. Ee-freaking-ew.

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silverarrowknits said...

Oh my goodness! I will think happy thoughts for both you and your yarn. I am sure your yarn is safe. Does the bag seal tight? Maybe it opened by accident and the caterpillar went inside. I am sure it is a one caterpillar thing.