Sunday, July 20, 2008

Oh, you meant THAT France.

For the second TdF KAL intermediate sprint challenge, I decided to take the France option and cook up something French from this site (kindly listed by TdF KAL co-organizer Meg). Wouldn't you know it, but I managed to pick an ITALIAN dish! I'm generally not a cooking fiend, but I do enjoy making risotto once in a while so I chose the Stage 15 recipe before realizing I was in the wrong country, so to speak. On the other hand, the cyclists head to Italy in Stage 15, so I guess that makes it okay...?

Anyway, here's my version of the Mushroom Risotto. I tried to ratchet up the French mojo by adding some Debussy and Fauré sheet music and a placemat that I think is French. The cat may or may not have spoiled the effect.

Modifications: I used dried mushrooms instead of fresh, so instead of chicken stock and porcini powder I added the water left over from soaking the mushrooms. I think chicken stock would have worked time I'll probably use half of each.

I think there was another modification but I forget what it was. Oh yeah, getting a bit carried away and making the whole shebang last night at 11 pm instead of, say, today before dinner.


knitseashore said...

LOL! The Tour went to Italy. It definitely counts!! And adding Le Chat gets you even more points. :)

Meg said...

mmm, I love risotto and I am so happy you found something to make on that site. Gabriel Gate's 5-minute cooking segments on my local Tour broadcast over the past few years has revolutionised my kitchen!