Monday, August 11, 2008

Moth (but not in my yarn)

Warning: if you don't like close-up photos of invertebrates, stop reading after the part about the rabbit. If you do like them, you're in luck. I'll even throw in a banana slug photo at the end.

I sat near the top/back of the stadium at the Mariners Stitch 'n' Pitch on Thursday. The ball players were kind of far away, but the view was generally all right and the sunset was pretty. I finished a handle on my Team Rabobank (and it is Rabobank, not whatever college colours people have been asking me about lately) market bag.


On Friday we went to a farmers' market and I saw my first Flemish Giant rabbit. That's my hand in the photo for scale. The owner said this one is only 1 year old and still growing, and will be about 80 lbs at maturity. The rabbit is already 40 lbs, which makes him almost as big as our cat (kidding--our cat is only 18 lbs).

Edit: After checking out some webpages about Flemish Giants, I suspect I might have heard wrong and that the rabbit only (?) weighed 14 lbs. Does anyone else have more info on this breed? Either way, the critter was huge.


The owner said his rabbits are very affectionate, get along well with the dogs and would play with the chickens if the chickens were into that sort of thing. I had a brief wild thought of acquiring a Flemish Giant as a companion for the cat, but reconsidered after hearing how much they eat in a week. I can't remember exactly what the owner said, but I think there was something about a bale of hay and an enormous quantity of feed (20 lbs? I don't know...), and as things currently stand we barely have enough room for the cat's needs.

This is the part where invertebrate-close-up-disliking readers should stop.

Speaking of big animals, we noticed a moth on one of our screens this afternoon.


It was huge. I tried to find my swatch ruler, but I forgot where I'd left it so I settled for the next best thing.


Chester pawed a bit at the other side of the screen but didn't seem too interested in the moth, perhaps because it remained motionless for several hours.


The cat did, however, seem interested in the (crazy! tasty!) Spam.

And now that you've sat through all of that, here's the promised banana slug photo. It's from our most recent trip to the Olympic Peninsula.


silverarrowknits said...

The moth must be from Florida. All of the bugs down here are prehistoric size.

Kristen said...

An 80 lb. rabbit?! That's more than my dog weighs. I would have freaked out if a moth that big was in my vicinity. Let us know if you find out what kind it is. I wonder what the caterpillar looks like- eeeew!