Saturday, May 6, 2006

Bad rhymes and belligerent shawls

Tina, Tina
So serene (hah)*
How does your border grow?
In fits and starts,
With crafty arts
And loads of tinking, row on row.

See the stitch markers? Those are the mistakes I have to fix. But there has been progress! A few more rows have appeared since the first photo, though you may have to look hard to find them. Half of the fiddly fan-shaped bits are done, and the other half WILL submit to their fate**.

In other news, Tina and I have joined The Amazing Lace.

I heard about it from silverarrowknits, whose friend Theresa is one of the organizers. The shawl was initially reluctant, but succumbed when I conjured visions of lace taming wild animals and doing precision choreography before cheering spectators. If things turn out differently I may have to run away.

And finally, behold the resident sheep.

He had coped magnificently on his own for nearly 6 years, a paragon of ovine stoicism, and now he says he's lonely and wants a friend! Whatever will we do?



Stay tuned!
By the way, the sheep was from Debbie Bliss's book Toy Knits.

*I warned you it would be bad.
**The one in which they are proud to be full members of a shawl, not the one in which they escape from the needles and run around town flirting with doilies.

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silverarrowknits said...

Yea for joining The Amazing Lace! The shawl and you shall enjoy it!