Friday, May 12, 2006

Culinary lesson number...oh, take your pick.

If it's a nasty, rainy, gusty night, and you feel like warming up with a hot toddy, and the recipe calls for honey, and all of the honey available in the comfort of your home has crystallized at the bottom of a nearly-empty bottle shaped like a cute little bear, and you want to warm it up just a liiiiiiiiiiittle bit, you know, just enough to get the honey flowing out of the bottle and into the hot toddy where it belongs...

Don't microwave the bottle for 30 seconds. That's too long. The poor bear doesn't deserve to be treated like this.

Slightly melted bottle

Oh yeah, I was supposed to talk about knitting, wasn't I? Well, the good news is that I prevailed over the fiddly fan-shaped bits on the Tina shawl.

Tina Shawl - 05/12/06

The bad news is that the shawl decided to watch outdoorsy shows as part of its training for The Amazing Lace. Now it wants to learn how to mountain-climb. I've taken away its TV privileges.

Stash troll: 1. Stash supplicant: 0.


silverarrowknits said...

I think I need a Stash Troll. I need someone to prevent me from adding to my stash.

Devorah said...

That poor bear! The lace is looking great despite the bear's melt-down.

Foula ideas said...

I think the bears prefer to be warmed gently in a bath. The container/aka pot encloses them in a den-like space where their soft breathing is bear-ly audible. Remove before they fall asleep and they will respond with generosity.
I wish I could even THINK of knitting like that! But it inspires me to felt--once I can ply my handspun.

Theresa said...

Brilliant. I think mountain climbing is a very appropriate hobby for your shawl.