Monday, May 22, 2006

Fleecy fun

Eight days in and I'm still muddling my way through handspinning with the drop spindle. I've made a few interesting discoveries:

  • One can kill amazing amounts of time simply by standing in a living room dangling fleece.

  • Concentration enhancers include Mozart's music (in particular, The Marriage of Figaro; I haven't tested any of his other works yet) and the news.

  • Distractions include game shows and that cocky feeling one gets after producing a rather passable single while listening to Mozart's music.

  • Cats like to chew on wool.

  • Cat saliva on fleece is disgusting.

  • Come to think of it, cat saliva is disgusting no matter where you find it, but I already knew that.

  • Cats are also fascinated by twirling spindles. Sometimes they will try to assist. This is to be avoided by all means possible.

  • A hamster may have been a better idea after all. Oh wait, I'm allergic.

  • Posting isn't nearly as fun when the photo hoster is down for maintenance.

1 comment:

silverarrowknits said...

You are allergic to hamsters and not cats? Wow, I envy your animal specific allergies. Fish are pretty much the only pets I can have.