Friday, May 26, 2006

Le week-end

Without getting into any of the gruesome details, I just want to say that I'm REALLY glad it's the weekend. Yeesh.

Last weekend WEBS in Northampton held their tent sale. Several weeks ago, SAK and I had thought about going there for the Yarn Harlot's booksigning (this would have been in addition to our road trip to North Grafton), but then conscience got wind of the idea and nattered on about driving times and gas prices until both of us buckled and agreed to just go to North Grafton. Having thus built up a stock of good behavior, we were allowed, nay, required this time to go to Northampton.

We made it with only one mishap (mea a non-driver I'm really bad at giving driving directions and that Mass Pike exit is laid out weirdly). After wallowing happily in yarn for a few hours I came home with some sock yarn and some sweater yarn and some pre-yarn (that would be the fleece), but then life said, "Hey, don't you have work or something?" so except for starting a sock (and restarting it twice) and playing with the fleece I didn't really think about the yarn until today.

So here is what I bought. Note sock attempt #3 at the right:

And there was a bit of this:

The latter, along with the fleece from 2 weeks ago, is slowly becoming this:

It's arranged chronologically (earliest attempt at the left) and I'm pretty sure there's some improvement happening. The second bundle from the left is what happens when you don't add enough twist while plying.

Meanwhile, the sock and sweater yarn, with the aid of some roving, played a game of Intrepid Explorers. In this shot, the sock yarn rests briefly and celebrates after reaching the summit of Mt. Donegal with no casualties.


silverarrowknits said...

Your spinning talent is getting much better! When are you going to spin your own yarn for a sweater? ;)

sloth-knits said...

Thanks! I don't know when I'll have enough yarn...I've spun about 60 yards of the brown fleece so far (as a single) and I would probably need about 4500 yds for a woman's sweater