Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Late-night snack post

Edging, edging, on the shawl,
When do you think I'll knit it all?

I'm still amazed at the ingenuity involved in constructing the Tina Shawl and other similar shawls. It's so tidy, and (if I read the directions right) there will be barely anything to cast off at the end.

Having said that, I do wish I were a faster knitter, or could knit backwards or something...there is a ton of edging to do!

Here's my progress on Side 1. Watch out corner, here I come!

In other knitting news, after I finished the first sock, I nearly pulled out some Trekking XXL to start a different sock (one of Nancy Bush's patterns), but repented in time and cast on for sock #2 of the original pair. Here is sock #1, trying desperately to blend in with its background (didn't they have similar photos of moths in Great Britain?). Fortunately, none of its natural predators are nearby.


Theresa said...

Cast on in haste, repent in leisure?

silverarrowknits said...

I am glad that you kept the sock. He has been through so much what with picking the perfect pattern and getting the right number of stitches.