Thursday, June 15, 2006

Amazing Lace Challenge #2

From time to time things get very strange around here. From now until Labour Day, this will probably mean I'm responding to another challenge issued by The Amazing Lace. Challenge #2 is to post a photo of extreme knitting. Click here to see the team profile.

Okay, you've been warned.

X-treme peril!
(as told by the sloth)

I suppose I should have known my promises would come back to haunt me. As soon as the shawl heard that Challenge #2 for The Amazing Lace was to take a photo of some extreme knitting, it informed me that, unless we did some of the wild animal taming I had mentioned before, it would, and I quote, "look for a teammate with some backbone, and don't give me that business about three-toed sloths having nine neck vertebrae instead of the usual seven, thank you very much". So I said, "Okey-dokey," and we sat down to make some plans.

The shawl pointed at a map of Africa. I pointed at the bank balance. The shawl raved about lions on the plain. I explained as gently as I could that leaving town was out of the question at this point, never mind leaving the continent. As the shawl sulked and muttered again about backbones, one of the cats happened to wander by.

The shawl brightened. "Of course...the cat," it breathed. "We can taunt the cat. I'll be the bait, you'll wave me around, the cat will freak. It'll be just like a bullfight. And you know what? A photo of THIS would honour the extreme danger I face daily when I'm knitted near that creature. Honey, this is so perfect!"

I wouldn't have called the plan perfect, but it certainly was cheaper than going to Africa.

That night, when the cat was about to have his regular bout of the crazies, I whistled and gently waved the shawl in his face.

The cat pounced. The shawl freaked.

We tussled while spectators cheered and took photos.

Finally, after a struggle lasting for seconds an eternity, the cat got bored and walked away fled*. The shawl remained unscathed (miraculously), and after a soak in some woolwash it even felt normal enough to sign a few autographs and make rude noises at the cat.

I think that next time we'll use hamsters.

Tabbies harmed in the fray: 0
Shellshocked shawl: 1

*The shawl's words, not mine.


Debby said...

You have the most adorable kitty! (but I'm partial to gray tabbies with white mittens!) Very good entry too -- brave to let a cat at the lace! Good luck!

Stuntmother said...

AAAAAH! I actually held my breath through this series of photos. Get back, psycho kitty. Leave. The Lace. Alone!

Theresa said...

Scary, scary!

Hey - I hear you met Rachel on the bus the other day, right? Small world.