Sunday, July 2, 2006

Amazing Lace Challenge #3

Yeesh, this is seriously close.

So Challenge #3 of the Amazing Lace was to write a poem about/to/etc. your lace. After a maddening spell of writer's block I decided to go with the Fibonacci sequence (where you take the preceding number and add it to the current number to get the next number...oh heck, go here and you'll see what I mean). So, here goes. Numbers at the start of each line show how many syllables there are.


1) Shawl!

1) Name?

2) Tina.

3) Knitted how?

5) Start in the center,

8) A square panel in leaf pattern.

13) (If you knit in public you may be asked, Is that Birch??

21) Whatever you do, don't say to them What, the needles? That just sounds silly. Believe me.)

34) After you finish the center, you pick up along the edge. Then you knit a square in the round on circular needles. Sounds strange but it works!

55) You spend quite a while working on the border. I think it took me six weeks. Somewhere along the way, your shawl may develop a personality. It may dream about fame and fortune. I blame this on reality TV.

89) Finally, you do the edge and join it to the border. The border stitches are live, so if you don't use lifelines, be careful or something might fall off the needles while you're not looking. By now the Tina Shawl's personality is in full bloom and all it wants to know is WHEN ON EARTH ARE YOU GOING TO BLOCK IT??? ...Maybe I should go work on mine. I'm signing off.

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jenknits said...

Very creative poem!