Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Don't taunt the Sock Fairy

The last week and a bit have been pretty productive, my lack of poetic instinct notwithstanding. Here are some photo-heavy highlights:

1) Revealing the birthday buffalo to my husband. There's nothing kinky about it, so you can retrieve your brains from the gutter :). I started knitting a buffalo last summer intending to give it to him last Christmas, kept knitting and decided to give it on Valentine's Day, finally finished it around May, and gave it to my husband last weekend for his birthday. Huzzah to the rolling deadline! The buffalo was based on a Debbie Bliss sheep pattern (the one for this sheep, in fact), used more Manos del Uruguay than I ever thought I'd see plus a fun fur-like yarn for the shaggy bits, and ended up being about 18 inches long.

2) Attending my first Waterfire of the summer! Sitting by a river at night staring at flames is super-relaxing and I heartily recommend it.

3) Finishing sock #2. The sock fairy managed to have the last laugh; I discovered a stitch missing but, being unable to figure out where things had gone wrong, decided to ignore it.

4) Casting on Conwy from Nancy Bush's book "Knitting on the Road" and frogging it a couple of hours later after deciding the yarn was too skinny for the pattern.

5) Casting on the Traveler's Stockings from the same book using 2.25 mm dpn. I've hated using dpn in the past because mine always fall out of the stitches, but these birch needles worked out very well...until I swatched, realized the gauge was too loose, frogged the sock, and decided to try appeasing the sock fairy with a symbolic offering of yarn.

6) Casting on the same sock with 2.0 mm circular needles. This one seems to be a keeper.

7) Going to Riverside on July 4th for carousel rides, clamcakes, and a stuffie (quahog clam with I-don't-know-what-but-it's-tasty added, then wrapped in foil and baked).

8) Seeing numerous fireworks displays on numerous nights, including a display beside Highway 195 that shook the car.

9) Finishing corner #2 of the Tina Shawl. No photos looks like corner #1, honest.

10) Taking random photos of the tabby in various stages of decadence.


jenknits said...

That waterfire experience looks really cool! I hope you enjoyed it.

silverarrowknits said...

I LOVE the buffalo. He seems so cuddly. :)

Theresa said...

That's your first waterfire?!?! Better late than never. The Travelers' Stockings were the first patterned socks I ever knit - there's such a fondness in my heart for them . . .