Thursday, September 28, 2006

My stash runneth over

I hope I'm not the only one I'm sure other knitters have had a similar know, the one where you're rooting innocently through whatever stash storage system you have, looking for something-or-other (in my case, the swift and ball winder), and you see some yarn, and you think, "My goodness, I did buy that, didn't I?"

And then you feel remorse...not the "Yuk, whatever I was on, I sure hope it was legal" kind, but rather a deflated feeling when you realize that yes, you did in fact fall in love with some perfectly nice yarn, buy it, bring it home, think of it fondly while calculating how long it would take you to finish some WIP so you could start knitting with it...and then COMPLETELY FORGET THE YARN EXISTED.

And I won't tell you what yarn it was, either. It doesn't deserve to be shamed like that.

Speaking of WIP, the computer/camera duo is functioning again, so I can finally post some more photos! First, there's the stocking:
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I've added a few stitches and part of an extra repeat to keep the size close to that of the original pattern.

Next up are embryonic log cabin blankets.
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The red one is in Knitpicks Swish Superwash, but I can't say much else about it because it's supposed to be a present. The other one used to be part of a Jaywalker sock, and will probably be frogged and turned into a plain sock at some point, but for now it seems pretty happy to chill in garter stitch.

World o' cats
I once heard someone recite an essay that began with, "Do cats have lips?" Some cats certainly do, and they're not afraid to use them.
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Theresa said...

That happens to me frightenly often. But I'm with you on the garter stitch - lots of chilling these days!

Rachel said...

How do you like the Swish? I'm curious about it now that my favorite superwash wool (Mission Falls 1824) just isn't its old self.

The stocking is looking great!