Sunday, September 24, 2006

100% typed

(or, why I need a real computer of my own)

There won't be any photos today, husband's computer, where I usually save pics, is kind of strewn about the room waiting to have some things installed, and my computer doesn't have the right hardware. So I'll try to recap mid-September in text:

1) I spent the last few weeks running around town and out-of-state (this is Rhode Island, after all) with my husband as we planned a re-wedding (the planning actually took about a year but most of the freaking-out occurred close to The Date). To make a long story short, we didn't have time for anything big when we got married a couple of years ago, so we had a formal ceremony+reception earlier this month with family and friends present. The weekend in question was a blast, but I have to admit we're still relieved it's finished.

And before anyone asks, yes, we do have two anniversaries now but we haven't figured out yet how to celebrate them (celebrate both each year? alternate? take the average? use one as a spare?).

2) The Christmas stocking has increased in length from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Around the XXXXXXXXXXX point I looked at the colours really carefully and thought, "Gee, that looks kind of pink." Finally I checked the ball band number (4227 in Dale of Norway Baby Ull) and sure enough, it was Burgundy instead of Red. Initially it bothered me but I've recovered--after all, if candy canes can come in every colour under the sun, why not stockings?

3) I spun some of the new fleece on my MIL's spinning wheel with mixed results. For a while I had a nice single that was about ======= thick instead of =======, but the single snapped and the loose end got lost somewhere on the bobbin. Then, as I was fishing around for the end, I noticed my wrist was hurting from pinching the fleece, so I decided to take a break from spinning.

4) The identity-crisis sock still hasn't figured things out. Its most recent incarnation was as part of Jaywalker, but the yarn colours didn't really work with the pattern, so I frogged it. It may be happiest as a plain ol' sock with no fancy patterns...or as a ball of yarn driving around in a new bright red convertible--oh wait, that's for MIDLIFE crises.


Rachel said...

Very creative use of visual aids even without the benefit of photos!

Congratulations on your rewedding! If it were me, I'd probably continue to celebrate the original date as the anniversary but use the other one as an excuse to go out to a nice dinner or something.

Debby said...

What a nice idea, a re-wedding! I'm sure your family and friends had a wonderful time celebrating with you.

I agree that you did a great job of visuals even without photos. I hope that you're able to get your computer fixed soon too. So frustrating when the technology cracks!