Sunday, September 10, 2006

So wrong but so fun

Look what came in the mail!
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Clockwise, from front: Corriedale, alpaca, and Blue-Face Leicester, all from Paradise Fibers. I still have a bunch of other stuff to spin up, but after I read that Corriedale and Blue-Face Leicester, with their long staple lengths, are good for beginning spinners (for which I, despite my best wishful thinking, still qualify in spades), I had to check them out. As for the alpaca...well, I can't explain that, at least not rationally. With what I already had, I should be set for a year or so :).

I've been going rather slowly through the fleece (? is that the right term?), partly on the drop spindle and partly on my MIL's spinning wheel. The latter is a blessing when it comes to plying. Here's today's attempt:
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It's more for practice than anything else, hence the motley assortment of singles that ended up together. I should probably take some classes when I have time.

Next step: teaching the cat how to draft.
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World o' knitting
I finished something! Behold the Traveler's Stockings in their slightly variegated glory.
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silverarrowknits said...

The socks look great!

Debby said...

I like the colors of your new socks -- perfect for fall.

The kitty definitely wants to spin and knit with you! I think sometimes they really miss having actual fingers like we do...