Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Aloha! part 2: Wherefore Maui?

It wasn't exactly a honeymoon for us, but the Maui trip was probably our first major vacation since getting married (even since wedding #1), and we have our friends M and C to thank for it. They were married near the end of December at a restaurant in Wailea (click here for a map of the island; Wailea is on the west end of the big part) that overlooked the ocean. There was a bit of rain around the time of the ceremony,
Just a few clouds
but aside from that the weather was gorgeous.
A cloudless moment
A cool contrast in lighting
(the little splotch on the ocean is Molokini, an underwater volcano)
The reception was on a lanai lit by torches...
Torches at sunset
...and the setting sun.
Sunset over Wailea

Next: Haleakala, or, why I love our digital camera despite its age.
Also at some point, if I remember: our prize can of Spam.


Kristen said...

Lucky you; what beautiful scenery.

silverarrowknits said...

Wow, your vacation must have been quite lovely.

Debby said...

It must have been so hard to come home. Those photos are gorgeous!

Rachel said...

I can't tell -- did it actually rain on the ceremony, or did they get nice sunshine for it? Either way, it looks like a gorgeous setting. How great to have an excuse to go to Hawaii and get that honeymoon you deserve!