Sunday, January 7, 2007

Aloha and Happy New Year!

I'm slowly drifting off to sleep, lulled by the cow-cat's gentle coo. I'm also trying to prolong the vacation feeling just one more hour, before all heck breaks loose and I have to race to work to make sure my Really Crucial Files aren't misplaced as our group at work moves from one building to another building at the other end of the campus.

Vacation, you say? Why yes, I did take one of those just last week. My husband and I hopped on a plane (or two) and grinned, giggled, ate snacks, listened to vacation music, ate a pizza during our stopover in LA, slept, read, got whupped by sudoku puzzles (the easy ones), and even knitted a bit until lo and behold and aloha! The plane landed and we were greeted by the cheery staff and agricultural beagle* of:

***MAUI (Kahului airport)***

Having said all this, I really am about to fall asleep, so the actual vacation will have to wait for subsequent posts.

*The US Department of Agriculture uses a Beagle Brigade to sniff out forbidden produce (fruits, vegetables) brought to Hawaii by travellers. To learn more about the program in general, click here.


silverarrowknits said...

Wow, Hawaii. I can't wait to see a picture or two!

Theresa said...

Sounds great! Don't forget to show us the knitting!

Rachel said...

Wow! Hawaii! A honeymoon? Lucky you! I hope you had a fantastic time. Is that the vacation to which you were referring when you commented on my post saying you'd only knit on the plane?

Debby said...

Can't wait to see those photos!!! Hope you and your honey had a wonderful time!!!!