Saturday, February 24, 2007

The whale obsession continues

It's Saturday afternoon, the sky is clear, and the mighty land whale is taking his hourly nap.

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Oh wait, that's not a whale, that's the cat. At least, I think it's the cat. I just found a drawing of humpback whales and now I'm not so sure.

Slumber on, whatever you is good.

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Rachel said...

Aw, super cute pictures. My catwhale is slumbering beside me as I enjoy them -- they are a special breed, the catwhale. I'm rather fond of them.

cindy said...

I have two catwhales as well! Glad you enjoyed the crochet did I.

Debby said...

Very cute kitty photos! I like the catwhales. But one of mine is more of a cat dolphin, always leaping on things.

J.P. said...

That's awesome! I love the pictures!