Wednesday, February 28, 2007


The blanket continues to chug along.

There is a customer at the LYS who is famed for her ability to knit fabulous cables and other complicated patterns and yet mess up perfectly simple stockinette stitch. I'm starting to know how it feels. On one hand I have the Tina Shawl and the Bayerische sock, and on the other hand I have a GARTER STITCH blanket with one incorrect stitch (offending one, I cannot spot you right now but I know you're there), some very dubious-looking intarsia, and part of a border that had to be redone because I managed to pick up the stitches on the wrong side the first time.

On a third hand, the knitting part of it is done! Hooray!

But on a fourth hand, I still have to weave in the ends. Ick.

Since I only have two hands I should probably stop worrying about two of the points above and just feel relieved for now that I've finished the knitting part of the blanket. Perhaps one could take this concept further and create a Sloth-approved relaxation system in which the number of permitted worries are limited by appendages...


Rachel said...

Congratulations! The blanket looks wonderful. The fact that you're worried about one little stitch being off on the blanket makes me question whether my standards for my own knitting are way too low. If I'd screwed up one stitch (and especially if I couldn't even find the mistake sometimes), I'd have forgotten all about it in a wink. So I absolve you for the error and command you to stop worrying about it. Although that'll free up a hand for a more important worry...I'm not sure that's the best possible outcome.

Again, great job with the blanket!

Theresa said...

I'm with Rachel on this one - one stitch? Remember the Persian rug makers who always put in a mistake . . . and let it go!

Debby said...

I'm compulsive, and have to rip everything out, so I am not the person to give an opinion on this! The blanket looks wonderful and I love the bright colors.