Saturday, March 10, 2007

Springy sproingy

I don't know about you, but I've had just about enough of winter.

I tucked in all the ends on my February UFO, the Moderne Baby Blanket, and decided to work next on a tank top I had started last summer with yarn from Artfibers.

But then I started thinking about how cold and barren it was outside, and how I wanted some colour in my knitting. Next thing I knew, the swift was open and I was winding some Fire on the Mountain yarn from Socks that Rock into balls and starting a toe.

The patterning (quick colour changes) is nothing like what I had imagined (stripes) but at least it's distracting me from the weather.


Rachel said...

Cheerful! The colors of those socks look like an impressionist painter's full-bloom garden.

Did you get the postcard from A Stitch Above saying they're closing at the end of the month??? I can't tell whether it's just the yarn stuff or whether the whole store is closing. Did you have any idea? Sad. :(

Theresa said...

Stitch Above is closing? I never liked them anyway, but it is where I went for needle emergencies. Sakonnet Purls is still the best. Anyway, March is when I'm really starting to like SoCal . . .

knitseashore said...

Congratulations on finishing another UFO! I love the colors in your socks -- it's hard to think about tank tops and camisoles while we're buried under ice, isn't it?

Is Stitch Above closing? I didn't know that! What a shame. I've only visited once but it was a nice shop.