Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Excuses, excuses

I'm still here! Between work and life I just haven't had the time to post anything, and even now putting up photos is a bit of a stretch. So, here's a mostly photo-less summary of the last few weeks:

1) Despite the cat's best efforts, I finished the cowl neck on my tank top and started on the ribbing around the armholes. It turned into a slightly painful lesson on the importance of reading through the entire pattern before knitting. Last year I had knitted a tank top from a pattern that included slipping stitches at the edge of the armhole for a tidier look, so I thought, "Hey, I know this new pattern says to knit but I'm going to try that slipped stitch thing". Unfortunately, it turned out that later on I had to pick up 140 stitches along that edge, which meant picking up 2 stitches per slipped stitch, which resulted in a really tight edging on my first try. I decided to use larger needles to pick up the stitches on the other armhole and re-do the first one if this tactic worked.

The good news is that the second armhole is indeed looser...but that means now I have to rip out and re-do the first edging!

2) The Knit from your Stash thing also isn't going so well, unless I'm allowed to loosen the definition of "stash" to include yarn that has been in my possession for less than a day before I start knitting with it.

3) I finished my rainbow socks!

Yarn: Socks that Rock, in the "Fire on the Mountain" colorway
Pattern: Wendy's Toe-up pattern, with ribbing on the legs.


Kristen said...

Those socks do rock! The knitting world thanks you for your re-definition of "stash".

Rachel said...

You are SO CLOSE with that tank top! I can't wait to see it all finished. In the meantime, those cheerful socks are a good holdover, and more appropriate to the weather we've been having. But it's going to be gorgeous this weekend, so the timing actually works out perfectly for the tank top!

Theresa said...

Knitting from the stash made me buy lots of yarn. Seriously. It was worse than just being regular.

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

It was fun meeting (or should I say re-meeting?) you today at Fresh Purls. I really want to see how that tank top turns out! :)