Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Spatially challenged, or merely diabolical?

My old computer monitor was a behemoth. The screen size was about average, but the whole thing was really deep and every time I moved I dreaded the thought of packing and setting up the silly thing.

The tabby, on the other hand, loved it. Remember this?
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The behemoth was his place for sitting, draping, hanging out, and attacking the cursor arrow while I tried to work. Though I grumbled at its size, he found the proportions perfect.

Then I replaced the behemoth with a nice compact flat-screen monitor. I worried for a few moments that the cat might still try to climb on top of the replacement, but reasoned that he was bright enough to realize that it was too narrow for him.

You see where this is going, right?

He jumped on top of the monitor a few minutes ago, and of course he tipped it over. This was his first attempt, and I hope it is his last. Fortunately both the cat and the monitor are fine. I would chalk it up to the cat not being as bright as I had thought, but I suspect this is simply a new scheme he is hatching to make us feed him. We shall see.


Rachel said...

Oh man, thank goodness your monitor is okay. (And the cat, of course, but it would have been his own damn fault.) That would have sucked mightily if the monitor had really crashed. I hope he learned his lesson.

knitseashore said...

He definitely did it to get your attention. They always stoop to bad behavior if they think they aren't getting enough attention!!