Saturday, April 28, 2007

The promo item

A couple of months ago my in-laws handed me a brochure advertising a free trial of an on-line stamp company. I thought of turning it down but reconsidered upon seeing something about a FREE 5-lb digital scale. I decided to make a mental list of the pros and cons of signing up:

  • Con: We don't use that many stamps.

  • Pro: I have yarn that should be weighed. A scale would handy for this.

  • Con: it might be difficult to cancel my account at the end of the trial period.

  • Pro: Yarn + scale = lots of new knowledge = happiness...or is it power? Either way, this is something good.

  • Con: Who knows what might be in the company's software?*

  • Pro: Yarn...hello?
I decided to sign up for the offer.

The free scale ended up not being free at all since I had to wait until after the trial to qualify for it and then wait some more while my coupon was redeemed, and now I'll have to wait until Monday to call the company to cancel my account, but by golly that scale is mine.
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Now I can report on the progress of my knitting with even more detail!

The Hana tank top is seamed up, and the only remaining step is to darn in the ends.
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Amount of yarn remaining: approximately 1.6 oz.

I knitted half of the Backyard Leaves scarf using slightly less than 2 balls of Karabella Aurora 8.
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Mass of a ball of Karabella Aurora 8: 1.8 oz (the ball band says 1.75 oz, so maybe the band itself added a bit extra)
Mass of half a scarf: 3.0 oz

I also worked some more on one of the socks. I don't have any stats on the socks themselves, but there is about 1.5 oz of yarn left.
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Here's a gratuitous shot of the scale in action:
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*I'm not implying anything about this particular company! But I have heard stories about free software sometimes causing problems.


Kristen said...

You are certainly getting your (non)money's worth out of your new toy! What is an on-line stamp company?

Rachel said...

Love the new scale! I get lots of use out of our kitchen scale (in fact, I'm sure I use it more for knitting than Matt uses it for cooking). It definitely helps you have a better sense about whether you're about to be completely screwed and run out of yarn.

knitseashore said...

LOL about your new scale! I see you are in a "neutral" knitting mood with the gray projects (maybe the scarf is green? I can't tell on my monitor). Enjoy!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

That scale rocks! Last year around the Christmas holidays, posted about free scales the USPS was giving away. Unfortunately I was too late in signing up and never received mine. :( Glad to see someone was able to get one. Hope to see you this weekend at Fresh Purls!
Bunny hugs,