Monday, July 30, 2007

Late again

With the move and all, I never got around to posting any progress photos of my Argosy scarf for the Tour de France KAL, so I'm trying to remedy that now. I know there are still a ton of ends to weave in, but since weaving ends is one of my least favorite knitting-related activities I'm not sure when it will happen so this will have to do.

Tada! Almost-there Argosy!



Kristen said...

Good for finishing the TdeF even in the midst of moving. Argosy is going to look great. If you still lived in RI, I would weave the ends in for you. :-) I'm one of those strange knitters who enjoys weaving in.

Rachel said...

There's probably no point in encouraging you to weave in ends as you go along, is there? Not only does it make finishing more bearable, but it makes the project look nicer as you go along, with no ends hanging off!

In any case, the scarf looks really nice, and I'm sure you'll finish it eventually. No rush, given that it's August!

Debby said...

You did a great job considering your move! My TdF project is not going so well, so I admire your tenacity.

I hope everyone is settling in well!