Thursday, August 16, 2007

The paragon of productivity

Or procrastination, take your pick.

Just after reaching Seattle (literally--we brought the cats in, fed them, set up the litter boxes, and left), we made a short but fun trip to Vancouver and stayed at my parents' place for a night. My brother's family was in town that week, our Seattle cousin and her husband also drove up, and some of the Vancouver cousins met up with us, so we had a grand old time. My parents are coming down here with my aunt next week.

I finished a hand towel and face towel from Ram Wools' Linen Bath Set (yarn: Euroflax Originals)...

...and I carried the second skein of Euroflax around in my knitting bag without bothering to wind it, just because it felt nice...

...and I slogged along some more on clue 4 of Mystery Stole 3 (12-row repeats + purling every other row + oodles of rows = not a happy me. I'm still not sure how I survive when a pattern calls for stockinette stitch)...

...and I started the Minnowknits Green Bean sweater. The cables work really well with the yarn (Plymouth Encore), but for some reason the 5-cable version shown on the pattern card looks nicer than the 7-cable version that the larger sizes require. Maybe next time I'll try chunkier yarn and stick with 5 cables...or space the cables out more...

...and I started a sock with Opal Tiger yarn.

M worked and worked and worked. His schedule has been pretty heavy this month--I hope it's just a new employee hazing and not a long-term phenomenon. I've been doing some work myself but also looking into other options...if things pan out I'll let you know.

On one of M's days off we went to Ikea and bought some cheap pine chairs for the dining room. We'd like to stain them to match the dining table, but as the guy at the stain store pointed out, the table is oak, not cheap, and really not new at all. We'll probably fudge and settle for a close rather than exact match or else the stain will cost more than the chairs!

The tabby found a high place to lurk...

and figured out how to open doors (sorry this is sideways).

The cow-cat found his happy place.
Things will get ugly when he realizes we're putting a desk there.

He's only escaped once so far, but he did it with style, bounding gaily past the neighbours' doors, down one floor, and back up while I thundered after him shrieking, "NOOOOO! COME BAAAAACK!!" and wondering how I would explain things to my husband if the cat slipped through the fence and ran onto the street. Fortunately he didn't get that far, and he even let me carry him back inside.


Theresa said...

Welcome to the west coast! Glad to see the knitting is going well out here.

cindy said... have been productive!!! I love your MS3 shawl!!! I'm still on clue 2 due to interrupted gift knitting.

BTW.....I used a coned linen for the Lacy Winged special brand.

Kristen said...

What a smart kitty! There'll be no stopping him now. I see we are both making socks with Opal Tiger.

knitseashore said...

You turn your back and they figure out the doors, next thing you know they'll have the credit card and be on their way to Hawaii!

Glad you are settling in OK, and I hope M's schedule settles down soon. Doesn't it seem to take forever to set up house? We're almost there, but not quite.

Rachel said...

I'm sure it was your persuasive and well-thought-out argument that brought the cat back. :)

I am highly entertained, by the way, by your very creative weights for your drying yarn.

I hope M's schedule has lightened up!