Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Rainy morning

Happy September! Instead of starting Christmas ornaments as I did last year, I spent the weekend beating the crap out of yarn.

That doesn't sound very nice, does it? Let me backtrack.

I popped into Weaving Works about a week ago and picked up some merino roving in the colourway Denim. It's really pretty stuff! It reminds me of a gas giant when it's all balled up like this.


And as you can see, I spun some of it too. I wasn't sure if I should go for 2-ply or 3-ply so I tried a bit of both. It really kinked up the first time I plied it so I went back and untwisted it a bit. Here it is in its kinked form. I forgot to take photos of it afterwards.


The thing I'm not sure about though is whether the yarn is supposed to kink up like that before one sets the twist.

Anyway, I followed the directions in Shannon Okey's book Spin to Knit to set the twist, hence the yarn-beating. The yarn is still drying in the bathroom with some buddies (in the photo it's second from the right).


Here's a close-up.

The drop spindle is still seeing action. I tried switching to a top-whorl for a while but still find the bottom-whorl much easier to use and less wobbly. Here are some singles; I kind of cheated and spun the spindle on a table so I could keep the singles thin.

World o' knitting
I'm on Clue 5 of the Mystery Stole! Hah! Take that, Clue 4!


And I passed the heel on the first Monkey sock.


Kristen said...

It does look like The Big Blue Marble, and the yarn came out very pretty.

Theresa said...

You've been all sorts of busy!

Rachel said...

Oops, my comment on your last post about the weights belonged in this post. I got all mixed up -- sorry. And now I don't have much clever to say because I don't really know anything about spinning.

Your Monkey sock is looking great! (There. Not clever, but true.)