Thursday, May 8, 2008

More spinning and then some

I opened I can has cheezburger just as I took a sip of something, and nearly ruined my keyboard.
more cat pictures

In spinning news, I bought 4 oz of a wool-silk blend from the LYS. Here are some singles; this stuff is going to keep me occupied for a long time.


I try to comfort myself with the thought that, if we ever have an apocalypse, then as long as I have that drop spindle and the roving I can make my own dental floss.

Here's how it looks plied (yeah, I refused to ply it on the drop spindle...I just wish there were a way to do S-twist with the Lendrum regular flyer). Sorry about the poor focus--our camera doesn't like close-ups.

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knitseashore said...

Sometimes we all need a good laugh!

I hope the cow cat is feeling better now too. Will you be coming east any time soon? It would be so nice to see you again!