Saturday, May 17, 2008

Stupid cat*

Claude, our poor cow-cat, has been going through hell during the last few weeks. After his abscess drain and e-collar were removed, he perked up for a couple of days, but then lost interest in eating. The vet noticed that he had lost a lot of weight and looked a bit jaundiced, and was concerned that he might be developing hepatic lipidosis, so we tried a couple of different feeding methods, but he hated them and just seemed to get sicker. We ended up taking him to the local animal critical care clinic, where they hooked him up to a nasal feeding tube. He still doesn't like the tube, but at least he has stopped vomiting his food. The vets are still checking him out but suspect it's either pancreatitis or lymphoma. If it's pancreatitis we're hoping that he'll pull through if he's given some supportive care, but if it's lymphoma then things don't look good.

Claude getting down with his dapper self on a good day.

*Okay, fine, not stupid cat. Darned cat. Darned cow-cat who, less than a month ago, was bouncing around like a rabbit and smushing the inside of his ear all over my nose when he wanted me to wake up and give him his breakfast. Darned cat who was as capable of moving in a straight line as a broken shopping cart. Darned cat whose wildly waving tail of destruction could create chaos on a clean, empty tabletop. Darned cat who was full of piss and vinegar when he didn't want attention, and completely in our faces and all over our laps when he did. And darned me for wishing, despite everything else going on the world these days, that he were still well enough to be like that now.


RedScot said...

Oh poor, poor, cow-cat. I hope he picks up and is smushing you awake again very soon.

Kristen said...

Being owned by a cow-cat (named Cow)I know just how darned they can be, but we love them all the more. Wishing your guy the better prognosis.

Sarah said...

I hope it's the less critical prognosis and that he's back to his usual ways soon!