Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yay! Computer!

My computer is functional again! I took it to a friend for a second opinion and after a quick test he said the problem was with the power supply, not the motherboard, and thus very easily fixed.

Now I have to upload some photos.

We saw the Met Opera's HD broadcast of Dr. Atomic today. It was really cool, and the singing was amazing. I did get a bit antsy in the second act, but that might have been more because after knitting 15 rounds of the Hourglass Sweater body I finally realized I had twisted my cast-on row before joining the ends, and that I would have to frog the whole damn thing for the second time (the first time was after admitting my gauge was all wrong).

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Kristen said...

Welcome back online!
To avoid twisting, which inevitably happens, I knit several rows back and forth, then join when I can see what I'm doing more easily. There is only a little sewing up to do later and no one will ever know.