Thursday, February 12, 2009

Maybe I'm just stalling

I keep thinking of stuff to blog about and then forgetting to actually blog it. Let's see...

1) I joined the Socks that Rock Leyburn KAL. The pattern is here and there are photos of the sock in a different colourway here. I'm using the Sea-Mar colourway that I bought last year at the Seattle Mariners Stitch 'n' Pitch. Pictures will some point.

2) I finally finished the wool hat for my dad and mailed it off. It's either late or really really early though, since he's going off to Taiwan soon and probably won't need the hat by the time he gets back. The only reason I can think of for the delay is that I didn't like the pattern I started with so I modified it, then bound off the hat before realizing the mods made it too small, then frogged a bunch of it and re-modified it, then saw that I had about ten ends to weave in instead of the two I was hoping for, and then got depressed about the whole thing and left the hat on the coffee table for a few days until I finally decided to weave in the ends. But it's done and mailed off, and I hope it fits and that the rain on the way to the post office didn't wet the hat and result in mold formation en route to my parents' place, because that would just be too ridiculous.

3) Um...I think it was on my way to the post office that I saw the tiniest slug ever. Here's a photo, with a pencil and some sock yarn shown for scale.

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Debby said...

I hope your dad's hat arrives safely, and I know he'll appreciate it no matter what.