Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tree Baby

I know that people occasionally lose things when they're at Green Lake, and kids and babies are the most likely to drop stuff, and it makes sense to prop found objects in trees to keep them kind of clean in case the owner comes looking for them, but I still found this doll a bit jarring. Thank goodness it wasn't a carrot jockey.

The knitting continues, though a bit more slowly these days because of music stuff. I'm nearing the ankle of the German Stocking, and I decided to start knitting the pattern I bought at Madrona. It's for a cabled sweater, and the gauge is puzzling me...I've already dropped two needle sizes and I think the sweater is still a bit wide! Argh. I do love the yarn, though.

Music stuff
The music stuff is starting to freak me out a bit...there's Holy Week and all that implies for the church choir, and a performance of St. John's Passion by one of my other choirs, and a workshop and concert on the same weekend later in April. So much to learn!


Iris said...

Look at all that green stuff sprouting from that tree!!!

Kristen said...

So that's where babies come from!

foulaideas said...

You'll be fine with the music! I know :-)

Sarah said...

Well, I stuck a 15" recently demised fish in the crotch of a tree a few weeks ago so a dog wouldn't eat it, so it could have been worse than the doll!

I'm feeling nervous about Easter music, too. We're doing some lovely Brahms and Palestrina, but also some modern stuff that I like to refer to as The Easter Shrieking. It feels like the soprano section is being called upon to reenact the suffering. And the six performances in four days... sigh. Good luck with yours!