Monday, July 31, 2006

So very warm

Yup, I'm still around...I've just been too sleepy, or maybe overheated, to post.

I finished Traveller's Stocking #1 about a week and a half ago and am now on the stockinette part of sock #2. It's hard to match needles to the yarn, so I've been rotating between three sets. The 32" Aeros are nice and sharp but just a little too short and they often split the yarn; the Clover dpns are also nice and sharp but get tangled up in yarn; and the 40" Addi Turbos are the right length but oh so blunt (though it looks like people are aiming to change that! Speaking of which, I need to send in an email too...).

Sock #2 and the needle group effort.

Last Wednesday a few of us went bicycling on Block Island. When we weren't busy getting sunburned I managed to take a couple of photos:

Foliage at the southeast end (Mohegan Bluffs). My husband actually took this pic.

More of the Mohegan Bluffs, with the Southeast Lighthouse in the upper left hand corner. Although the lighthouse was originally built about 300 feet inland, so much soil eroded over the years that by the 1990's it was only 55 feet from the cliffs, so the entire building was moved about 250 feet inland.

Does anyone know what type of ducks these are??

Speaking of travels, I'm going to be in San Francisco this weekend for a wedding. Any suggestions for must-see yarn stores?

Random cute discovery of the day: Cats in sinks


Theresa said...

Love Block Island - thanks for the pics. And enjoy that nice steamy RI August!

silverarrowknits said...

I hope the AC at the office is holding up in the RI heat! Block Island looks beautiful. I wish I had gone there.

Debby said...

Block Island is perfect for bicycling...gorgeous views everywhere. I hope you are staying cool.

What a lot of needles for your sock!