Monday, August 14, 2006

Just waiting

Here's the Tina Shawl being blocked! I'm going to leave it there until this afternoon or until I get nervous about the construction guys working on the house, whichever comes first. My apologies for the low-contrast photo.

Apparatus: 2 pieces of 8'x2'x1' insulation foam, strategically cut. 2 towels. 1 cheap tablecloth. 3 boxes of T-pins plus about 90 flower-head pins (about 150 pins total). 12 blocking wires. Partridge in a pear tree.
Time to pin everything down: Probably about 1.5 hours.
Time to psych myself up to block: a week.

I decided to wait a bit before embarking on another lace project this intense (sorry Theresa!). I do have a shawl on the needles (Pacific Northwest shawl from FiberTrends, in Misti Alpaca) but as you can see the other WIP are decidedly non-lacy:

Back: the alpaca shawl and Traveller's stocking #2 (back on the dpn after a brief stint on Addi circs)
Front: Sock with an identity crisis in Lorna's Laces and the beginnings of a tank top with cowl.

The yarn for the tank top is Hana from ArtFibers; I picked it up during my weekend in San Francisco. As for the sock...well, right now I'm making it into Grumperina's Jaywalker sock but it may have other things to say about's already objected to being a Pomatomus and a plain ol' sock.

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