Saturday, June 16, 2007

Back to knitting

Despite appearances to the contrary, I have been knitting in the last few weeks, even during the packing frenzy. I finished the first Pomatomus sock and thought, "HAH! In your face, Pomatomus!" I then cast on for the second sock, knit a few rows, put the knitting down, picked it up, untangled the needles and yarn, knit a few more rows...and started wondering why one of the stitches looked so indescribably odd. I glared at it and tried to frog down the column, but with no success. After picking at it some more I finally realized that, when I had put the knitting down and picked it back up, I managed to flip the freaking sock inside-out and start knitting BACKWARDS along the row.

I decided to re-start the sock. Things are fine now. Pomatomus and I are still at a draw in this battle of wills.

Left to right: Pomatomus #1, Pomatomus #2, and an Addi Lace needle that I'm carrying around just because I like to look at it.

I also finished knitting the surprise object. The Manos Cotton Stria I used (single ply with a thread) can be broken just by tugging really hard on it, and it's kind of bumpy, which may be a problem for seaming. I'm thinking of seaming using a matching plied yarn instead. Should I look specifically for cotton yarn to go with the cotton knit, or can I just buy whatever as long as it is also machine-washable?

Here's a close-up of the object. I did say it's a surprise.

Debby and Meg are co-hosting a Tour de France KAL. I haven't been on a bike in years but would like to sign up anyway--it just feels appropriate, with the cross-country drive and all.

Other things
The rest of my non-work hours have been devoted to packing and apparently attempting to corner the market on boxes.
Before anyone asks about the spinning wheel, yes, spinning counts as part of packing. After all, I won't have access to the wheel for a while (this one is on loan from my mother-in-law), and the drop spindle is kind of slow, and I have fleece, and this way I can reduce the volume it takes Yeah. You know, volume = money and all that.

In fact, if I extend that argument then knitting also counts as packing since many of the finished objects will take up less space than the yarn.

I'd better go pack some more.


somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Love the idea of spinning as part of packing! And I think you can insert knitting into that too. I noticed that knitted FOs take up less room than cakes/balls of yarn. ;)
See you this Saturday!

Debby said...

You don't have to ride to join the KAL. Just let us know which jersey you're working for, so we can add you to the list.

We're packing now too...I feel your pain. I like your idea with the knitting and spinning being a part of the process! (I bet fleece and yarn make good soft packing materials for lots of breakables, so you might need to go out and buy *more* of them. :)