Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hee hee hee

I have made something that looks like sock yarn!


I finished spinning and plying the chocolate and cherries roving (on the right). It seems to be close to the specs I mentioned earlier from Spin-Off Fall 2007 (around 14 wpi and 5 twists per inch), and although I haven't run it through any official measuring tool I think I have about 230 yards. Most of it looks decent but I did run into some trouble with singles falling apart, especially where I had joined new roving or where the colour had been solid (instead of having, e.g., some red fiber and some white) and the twist thus harder to see.

I had thought about making socks with this yarn but now I'm more in the mood for knitting a Baby Surprise Jacket just so I can say I did it. Does anyone know how much sportweight yarn one needs for this?

Since I was in the mood, I also finished spinning and plying some Bluefaced Leicester roving (left in the photo) that I had acquired a few weeks ago in a spinning class. I'll have to pick up some more of this--the sheen is really pretty! Maybe I'll even put enough twist into the singles next time...

We went to Carkeek Park yesterday and got some photos of the sunset.



Theresa said...

That's a gorgeous photo. And I can't believe you make actual sock yarn!

Rachel said...

So cool! It looks just like, you know, actual yarn! :)

Raverly tells me that the baby surprise pattern calls for 3 oz. of yarn...not sure that helps.

Iris said...

Love your sunset picture.

Very nice sock yarn. Nice to see that you're spinning now!

cindy said...

Your handspun is lovely. I found this on the web; DK weight is comparable to sport weight:
Baby Surprise Jacket
This Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern is a fun project to knit! This baby sweater is knit in garter stitch, but with very unique shaping techniques! In this three-session class you will learn how to make the baby surprise jacket using Elizabeth Zimmerman’s pattern. Materials needed: about 400 yds. Fingering or DK weight and appropriate sized needles (we used three skeins of Rowan’s Cashsoft DK & a 24” size 5 needle).

knitseashore said...

I love the photo. Does this mean the rain stopped?

Thank you for the tabby photos, esp. the one of the back of the tabby. I am going through stripes withdrawl, though I still have plenty of kitty love from the orange one and the new tortoiseshell one. But hopefully a new tabby will be here soon too!

Ann-Marie said...

yeah yarn--it looks pretty!