Friday, November 9, 2007

Foulness of cat

Our cats can be really gross. Granted, they haven't done this yet (though Chester's litterbox adventures come close), but still.

Take, for example, Claude's dining habits. Despite having a perfectly decent food dish heaped with kibble, he insists on dropping food on the floor before eating.
He then leaves portions behind.
Chester, being the sort of cat who never lets (a chance to eat Claude's) food go to waste, sails in as soon as Claude walks away, hoovers up the remnants...
...and leaves a glaze of cat spit on the floor. I'd better go get the soap again.

In tidier news, I spun up some more Blue-Faced Leicester. It's squooshy! There should be enough for a hat once it's combined with the white BLF from earlier.

I also started a narrow Hydrangea Lace Scarf using yarn I spun from a merino-silk blend.
That stripe really is there. I hope there are more light patches in the yarn or else that one band is going to look pretty silly.

I spun up the other superwash merino roving I had bought from etsy. I made a 3-ply yarn using the fractal method described in Spin-Off Summer 2007, but in hindsight I think I should have Navajo plied, because that really lovely teal in the singles was overpowered by all of the pink.

Cindy sent some info on yardage for the Baby Surprise Jacket (thanks!). The 200-ish yards I have of chocolate and cherries yarn is nowhere near enough, but luckily I already have some white sportweight sock yarn at home. Hooray!


Kristen said...

Why DO cats have to pull the food out of the bowl?
The BFL looks great. I've always wanted to make a sweater with it someday.

Rachel said...

Oh man, I can totally outgross you on cat eating habits, but it seems somehow unrefined to do so.

I think you should just leave the film of cat saliva and call it a protective finish for the floor.

That yarn you spun and plied and whatever else the lingo is looks amazing!

Ann-Marie said...

ooooh that is so pretty!
i love looking at handspun