Friday, October 12, 2007


Why yes, I do still knit and spin when I'm not babbling about elk.

I wanted to do the Socktoberfest thing again this year, but seeing Theresa's finished Pacific Northwest Shawl inspired me to resume the one I hid away several months ago, so the socks aren't really a top priority right now. I've reached the fish near the border and hope that taking this photo of my shawl on a beach in the Pacific Northwest (Dungeness Spit to be exact) will, I don't know, infuse the shawl with speedy-and-easy-knitting mojo or something. Look, the photo is even colour-coordinated.


A project like this makes me think I'm more of a process than product (or whatever the term is) knitter. I don't even wear this shade of blue; I just liked the pattern and the yarn seemed to suit it.

Socks aren't being completely ignored, though. Most of the leg is done on the first Conwy sock.
Yarn: ShibuiKnits Sock.
Pattern: Conwy from Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road.

I also finished spinning and plying the blue-ish merino roving. It's drying in the bathroom right now. Most of it looks decent, but some parts seem underplied. There are about 500 yards of 2-ply, and I'm guessing it varies between sport and fingering weight. It doesn't seem to be as blue as the earlier samples I spun, but I think that's because I kept changing my predrafting method.

The cats tried to get involved. The cow-cat took over my lap while I was plying and then got upset at the yarn running over his back, while the tabby messed with the lazy kate.


cindy said...

The PN lovely and I'll bet it's easier than MS3!!

The merino looks lovely...what will you make with it?

Theresa said...

I agree - that shawl just calls for a certain teal. I started it a long time ago just because I wanted to start it, and then it quickly found it's recipient and I saved it for 18 months for a special occasion.

Rachel said...

Ooh, pretty pretty shawl. Don't you want to finish it so you can stand old-fashionedly on a widow's walk, clutching it around you, gazing out becomingly at the sea? :)